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Nyi Nyein Aye

Chief Executive Officer 

& Managing Director

Nyi has 20 years of experience at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in finance and technology where he led a team of information technology professionals and software developers as Chief of Information Systems Unit in the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management in his last position. Nyi was in charge of developing, maintaining and supporting global IT operations to support United Nations conference operations. Nyi received a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the Columbia University in New York and a Master of Science in Information Systems and Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Investment from the City University of New York. 

Nyi co-founded ThitsaWorks with Thynn in 2016 with a belief that poverty can be solved - if the unbanked have access to capital, they're more empowered, and better able to retain the returns of their labor and rise out of poverty. Using tech as a tool, ThitsaWork's solutions help financial institutions better manage data to run more efficiently and minimize risks, thereby attracting more customers and furthering impact. Its solutions also help organize with better intelligence by managing and analyzing information, thereby allowing for better decisions.


Thynn T. Win

Chief Technology Officer

Thynn has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry in the United States and Canada managing software development, data integration, business intelligence and analytics projects. Thynn received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the City University of New York. In her last position, Thynn led the business intelligence team at NY's largest health network providing data solutions to the entire community. In 2016, Thynn co-founded ThitsaWorks with Nyi to build data-driven solutions for Myanmar financial industry.

Ko Min Tha Gyaw.png

Min Tha Gyaw

Chief Strategy Officer

Min has over 15 years of experience in strategy and business development as well as execution at the senior management levels in the financial sector in Myanmar and the Asia Pacific. Since 2007, the positions that he has held include Acting CEO and Managing Director, Senior Advisor, Deputy Managing Director, Head of Corporate and Transaction Banking, Vice President of Strategy and Product Development, and Senior Engagement Manager and Director of Operations at the various leading businesses.

He has an MBA in Management from the University of Chicago, a Graduate Certificate in Economics from Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Relations from Beloit College.

U Pyae Phyo Lwin.png

Pyae is a medical doctor by training but has been a key player in Myanmar MFI industry since 2012. In 2012, Pyae co-founded Myanmar Finance Co., Ltd., a Myanmar MFI, and was in-charge of its operations. In 2014, Myanmar Finance Co., Ltd. became the first joint-venture MFI and known as Myanmar Finance International Limited (MFIL). Pyae was MFIL’s COO from 2014 until 2020. Pyae is a former member and joint-secretary of Myanmar Microfinance Association (MMFA) Executive Committee and initiated MMFA’s COO Club.

Dr. Pyae Phyo Lwin

Chief Operating Officer

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Aung has over 13 years of working experience in the IT industries in Myanmar and Singapore.He has founded two IT startups in Myanmar, and in Singapore, he worked as a Software Engineer/Architect in telecommunication, payment systems and software development industries. He has a strong experience in software design & architecture, digital transformation, project management, team management, supplier negotiation, software development and integrating various payment gateways and solutions.

Aung Thaw Aye

Deputy Chief Technology Officer


Aung Mon Ko
Product Manager

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Hay Mar San

Senior Customer Relationship Specialist

Aye Eaindray Maung

Aye Eaindray Maung
Project Officer


Dim Muan Lun
Social Media Officer

Ei Nghon Phoo.jpg

Ei Nghon Phoo
Product Manager

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Hay Mar San

Senior Customer Relationship Specialist


Hein Myat Thu
Software Developer (Front-end)

Haymar Sann

Hay Mar San
Senior Customer Service Specialist


Hnin Inzali
Finance Officer

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

Hay Mar San

Senior Customer Relationship Specialist

Htet Wai Yan OO.jpg

Htet Wai Yan Oo
Project Associate

Hsu Yee Mon.jpg

Hsu Yee Mon
Data Analyst


Ingyin Thandar Khaing
Senior Business Analyst

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

Hay Mar San

Senior Customer Relationship Specialist

KWP Photo.jpg

Kaung Wai Phyo
Program Manager

Kay Zin Han.jpg

Kay Zin Han
Software Developer

Kay Zin Han.jpg

Kay Zin Han
Software Developer


Khaing Yee Mon
Head of Customer Service

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Hay Mar San

Senior Customer Relationship Specialist

Khin Swe Hlaing.jpg

Khin Swe Hlaing
Senior Customer Service


Khin Thinzar Shwe

Business Analyst

Khine Myint Zu Soe .jpg

Khine Myint Zu Soe

Senior Business Development Officer


Kumarar Kharal
DevOps Engineer

Kyaw Htet Paing.jpg

Kyaw Htet Paing
Administrative Assistant

MicrosoftTeams-image (4).png

Nang Thinzar Htun
Financial Analyst

Ngwe Hnin Myu .jpeg

Ngwe Hnin Myu
Customer Service Specialist

Ko Nyan.jpg

Nyan Soe Aung

Moh Moh Lwin.jpg

Moh Moh Lwin
Project Officer


Myo Min Htet
Business Intelligence Team Lead

CV photo.jpg

Nanda Ko Ko 
Product Designer

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Phyo Thandar
Quality Assurance Team Lead

Phyu Sin Kyaw.png

Phyu Sin Kyaw
Program Manager

Ma Nyein Nyein Ei.png

Nyein Nyein Ei
Business Intelligence Developer

MicrosoftTeams-image (121).png

Pyae Phyo Hein
DevOps Monitoring Engineer


Pye Phyoe Aung
Senior System Administrator

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Sandi Oo
Business Intelligence Developer
(Part Time)

Sandi Soe.jpg

Sandi Soe
Software Engineer

Sithu Kyaw.jpg

Si Thu Kyaw
Senior Software Developer

Ma Su Lai.png

Su Lai Mon
Head of Special Projects


Su Mon Aung
Head of Business Analysis 

Thet Chel Su.jpg

Thet Chel Su
Customer Service Specialist


Thiha Zaw
Quality Assurance Engineer


Tint Wai Set
Creative Designer


Wai Phoo Ngon
Finance and Admin Manager

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png

Wai Phyo
Finance and HR Associate

Win Lae Mya Yee San.jpeg

Win Lae Mya Yee San
Head of Business Development


Zar Chi Tun
Business Analyst

Ma Zeya Win.jpg

Zeyar Win
Customer Support Specialist

Intern of ThitsaWorks 

Soe Htut Linn

Soe Htut Linn
Full-time Intern

Former Interns of ThitsaWorks 


Barani Maung Maung
Communications Intern

IMG_2742_edited (2).png

Ei Mon Myint
Communications Intern


Ei Phyo Kyaw
Customer Support Intern

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Hnin Aye Wai
Communications Intern


Myat  Min Khant
 Data Analyst Intern


Nan Hom Sandy
Product Research & Content Management Intern


Tout Tun Lin
Video Production Intern


Wai Lin Aye
Communications Intern


Yadanar Sint
Research and Contents Development Intern