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Our Team

Aung Mon Ko

Product Manager


Aye Eaindray Maung

Project Officer


Dim Muan Lun

Social Media Officer

Ei Nghon.png

Ei Nghon Phoo

Product Manager

Hay Mar.png

Hay Mar San

Customer Success Engineer


Hein Myat Thu

Software Developer (Front-end)


Hnin Inzali

Finance Officer

Hsu Yee.png

Hsu Yee Mon

Data Analyst

Untitled design.png

Htet Wai Yan Oo

Project Associate


Ingyin Thandar Khaing

Assistant Business Analyst Manager

Ko Kaung.png

Kaung Wai Phyo

Program Manager

Kay Zin.png

Kay Zin Han

Software Developer


Khaing Yee Mon

Head of Customer Success

Khin Swe.png

Khin Swe Hlaing

Customer Success Engineer

Khin Thinzar.png

Khin Thinzar Shwe

Business Analyst


Khine Myint Zu Soe

Business Development Officer


Kumarar Kharal

DevOps Engineer


Kyaw Htet Paing

Administrative Assistant

Linn PP.png

Linn Phyu Phyu Myint

Business Analyst

Moh Moh .png

Moh Moh Lwin

Project Officer

Myat PP .png

Myat Pwint Phyu

Financial Analyst


Myo Min Htet

Business Intelligence Team Lead

Nanda KK.png

Nanda Ko Ko

Product Designer

Ngwe Hnin.png

Ngwe Hnin Myu

Customer Success Specialist

Nyan Soe Aung.png

Nyan Soe Aung


Nyein Nyein Ei.png

Nyein Nyein Ei

Business Intelligence Developer

Phyo Thandar.png

Phyo Thandar

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Phyu Sin Kyaw.png

Phyu Sin Kyaw

Program Manager

Phyu Sin Myat.png

Phyu Sin Myat

Product Development Associate

Pyae Phyo Hein.png

Pyae Phyo Hein

DevOps Monitoring Engineer

Pyae Su Yi Phyo.png

Pyae Su Yi Phyo

Customer Success Specialist


Pye Phyoe Aung

Senior System Administrator

Sandi Oo.png

Sandi Oo

Business Intelligence Developer

Sandi Soe.png

Sandi Soe

Software Engineer

Sithu Kyaw.png

Si Thu Kyaw

Senior Software Developer

Soe Htut.png

Soe Htut Linn

Software Developer

Ma Su Lai.png

Su Lai Mon

Head of Special Projects


Su Mon Aung

Head of Business Analyst

Thet Chel Su.png

Thet Chel Su

Customer Success Specialist

Thin MarLar.png

Thin Mar Lar

Business Analyst


Tint Wai Set

Creative Service Manager


Wai Phoo Ngon

Finance Manager

Wai Phyo.png

Wai Phyo

Finance Associate

Win Lae MYS.png

Win Lae Mya Yee San

Head of Business Development

Yin Min Oo.png

Yin Min Oo

Quality Assurance Tester


Zar Chi Tun

Assistant Project Manager

Ma Zeyar.png

Zeyar Win

Customer Support Specialist

Zin Zin NH.png

Zin Zin Nyo Hlaing

Business Analyst

Zwe Htet Myat.png

Zwe Htet Myat

Software Developer

Former Interns of ThitsaWorks

Barani MM.png

Barani Maung Maung

Communications Intern

IMG_2742_edited (2).png

Ei Mon Myint

Communications Intern

Ei Phyo Kyaw.png

Ei Phyo Kyaw

Customer Support Intern

Layer 4.png

Hnin Aye Wai

Communications Intern

Myat Min Khant.png

Myat Min Khant

Data Analyst Intern

Nang Hom Sandy.png

Nang Hom Sandy

Product Research and Content Management Intern

Tout Tun Lin.png

Tout Tun Lin

Video Production Intern

Wai Lin Aye.png

Wai Lin Aye

Communications Intern

Yadanar Sint.png

Yadanar Sint

Research and Content Development Intern

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