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Board of Directors

Senior Advisors with a wealth of experience and a high reputation in the Fintech and related industries.

Ms. Jana Chmelnizki Kadian

A Development Finance Executive with extensive experience in leading regulated MFIs and banks in frontier economies.

20+ years of experience in leadership position in the banking sector in Myanmar, Malawi, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Haiti, Germany, the United States, and throughout Latin America.

Mr. Nicolas Delange

The CEO of Yever Business Consulting Agency, with expertise in consulting, leading stakeholder panels, training and raising CSR awareness, and conducting studies on the carbon footprint of banks, trends in non-financial communication and integrated reporting.

Previously, he led the Sustainability Advisory team of Ernst & Young in Paris and worked as a consultant on corporate governance for IFC.

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