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Our Story

ThitsaWorks provides financial technology solutions for Microfinance Institutions to effectively collect, manage, and analyze necessary data for their operations and risk management. Our goal is to create a healthy and vibrant ecosystem of financial inclusion, while upholding honesty, professionalism, and integrity in our sector, as reflected in our name. We strongly believe that a company can succeed by doing good.

The ThitsaWorks team has a wealth of experience in developing critical IT enterprise systems in Myanmar, as well as in large organizations like the United Nations in the US and Canada. We're passionate about solving complex business and social challenges using data as a tool. We love the ethos and ease of open-source technologies and cloud infrastructure.

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Our Vision

We believe that poverty can be solved - and that if the unbanked have access to capital, they're more empowered, better able to retain the returns of their labor and rise out of poverty.


At Thitsaworks, we develop solutions that help financial institutions better serve underbanked and unbanked customers. We use technology to break down silos, connect the dots and foster better decision-making; streamline complex processes to make it easier for end users to use financial services.


Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate digitization of financial institutions that serve unbanked and underbanked communities, enabling them to serve small yet high-quality clients in a profitable and sustainable manner. 

Doing so, we believe, will narrow the MSME Finance Gap which, in turn, will empower local communities and accelerate economic equality. 

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