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ThitsaWorks Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

Updated: May 28, 2023

ThitsaWorks is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Candy Phyu Phyu Khin as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), commencing in February 2023.

Candy has over 10 years of experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, capital raising, private equity investments, and business consultancies for multiple enterprises in Singapore and the South East Asia Region. She is an experienced finance professional with strong technical skills in financial modeling, enterprise, equity valuation, and product analysis. Prior to joining ThitsaWorks, Candy worked as a CFO, Finance Director, Private Equity Associate, and M&A Specialist with a leading bakery chain, wholesale and retail trading business, investment firms, and KPMG Singapore. Candy graduated from Singapore Management University with double majors in Finance and Strategic Management and received Myanmar national top second award in her cohort.

Candy previously worked as a Financial Consultant at ThitsaWorks and led the company’s seed funding. In her new role as CFO, Candy will oversee the financial activities of ThitsaWorks, including financial planning and analysis and management of financial risks, to support the company’s strategic business plan.

Regarding the appointment, Mr. Nyi Nyein Aye, CEO of ThitsaWorks, commented, “We are thrilled to announce Candy as our newly appointed Chief Financial Officer. With her leadership, I am sure ThitsaWorks will be able to maintain financial stability and create sustained value in the future.”

Ms. Candy Khin, the new CFO of ThitsaWorks, commented, “I am excited to join the ThitsaWorks team of highly passionate professionals who bring innovative financial technology products and solutions to underserved markets and communities.”

About ThitsaWorks

ThitsaWorks is a FinTech that provides digital payment and data analytics solutions for financial institutions to transact, collect, manage, and analyze data needed to run effective operations and manage risks. ThitsaWorks’ data-driven solutions help financial institutions grow and make better credit decisions and improve financial inclusion by providing users with access to financial literacy, financial information, and appropriate financial products. ThitsaWorks’ solutions include core banking software, a microfinance data-sharing platform, a digital financial literacy platform, and an interoperable payment switch platform.

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