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ThitsaWorks Team Participated in Mojaloop PI-20 OSS Community Meeting

Updated: May 31, 2023

The Mojaloop PI-20 OSS Community Meeting was successfully held from 25-28 October 2022 in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The event included business & technical sessions, workstream workshops, collaboration, and networking activities. It was a great opportunity for the participants to gain insight into Mojaloop technology and its Level One design principle, implementation of Inclusive Instant Payment Systems, and Cross-border Payments as well as learn about the Community Updates.

ThitsaWorks Team had a great time participating in the convening by sharing our experiences and lessons learned from our projects, exchanging our ideas, and networking in the community striving to increase financial inclusion.

ThitsaWorks' CEO, together with the Head of INFITX, at the Panel Discussion on "Visa Direct-Mojaloop Cross Border Remittance Proof-of-Concept".

ThitsaWorks' Deputy CTO explained the Technical Components of Cross-Border Remittance.

ThitsaWorks' CTO and Deputy CTO presented the updates from the WynePay deployment in Myanmar.

Participated in a special outing called "Walk the Loop" to explore Tanzanian Instant Payments in Action.

CEO of ThitsaWorks and the Technology Lead of The Interledger Foundation announced that ThitsaWorks won the ILP-Based Financial Services Research and Development Grant.

Our team at Mojaloop PI-20 OSS Community Meeting.

For more information about Mojaloop PI-20 OSS Community Meeting, please see: Mojaloop PI-20 OSS Community Meeting

For regular updates about Mojaloop activities, please check: Discourse Community

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