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Moe Nandi Aung

Junior Software Developer

At Thitsaworks, Moe Nandi is responsible for implementing new features, refining existing code, and swiftly addressing any issues that arise in our applications. She also conducts research to resolve production-related challenges. Coding and troubleshooting errors are her passions.

Moe Nandi earned a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Information Technology. She also attained a Master's degree from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, specializing in formal specification and model checking for enhanced software reliability.

Prior to joining ThitsaWorks, Moe Nandi completed a four-month internship at Fortune Telecom. Subsequently, she served as a Junior Software Support, aiding in requirement gathering and tackling technical hurdles to ensure project timelines were met. Driven by a commitment to technological advancement, she continuously seeks opportunities for growth and improvement.

Moe Nandi Aung
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