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Promoting Digital Financial Literacy with Pite Pite

Updated: May 31, 2023

On 9th and 10th December, Pite Pite Team held a 2-day workshop at Wundwin, a township in the Mandalay Division of central Myanmar. The workshop is made up of literacy training and focus group discussions that target to improve financial and digital literacy of low-income women beneficiaries in rural areas. Over 1000 women from over 30 villages near Wundwin township participated in this workshop.

Pite Pite Team, SVS Team and some of the workshop participants

During this 2-day workshop, the team delivered basic financial and digital literacy training to the participants using Pite Pite Plus curriculum. The curriculum is specifically designed in a simple and engaging way to help target audience increase their ability to understand financial literacy, digital tools and utilize digital financial services with minimal explanation from the service providers about how to use the product.

A participant reading about what mobile wallet is

We would like to thank United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF Myanmar) for the support. We also would like to extend our gratitude to the staffs from our partner, Social Vision Services (SVS) for liaising with our team and help coordinating the workshop.

About Pite Pite

Pite Pite is a financial chatbot that aims to help people in Myanmar become more financially literate and help empower them to seek out financial services. Language support is available in both Myanmar and English. Pite Pite aims to play as one of the key players in transforming Myanmar economy and bring positive impact to inclusive growth.

Pite Pite chatbot is powered by ThitsaWorks Solutions Myanmar Co., Ltd.

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